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The amount of data generated by your healthcare organization’s IT devices and systems will grow more than 100x in the next decade. With continued investments in new or changing technology, the resulting data growth can cause your organization to become “data rich, information poor,” impacting clinical care and operations. You need a strong Health Information Management (HIM) strategy to transform this data into actionable information.

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Gain insight into your organization

When data can be analyzed and understood, the resulting information becomes a transformative tool to reinvent, digitize, or streamline business by providing greater visibility into an enterprise, allowing healthcare providers to improve delivery of care and achieve optimization, and ultimately, competitive advantage.

Our solutions address business challenges by transforming data into actionable information that supports your unique business objectives. More than 145 Information Management clients have recognized real business value, including:

  • Ctg Icon Benefits
    Revenue Generation
  • Risk
    Risk Reduction
  • Performance
    Operational Efficiencies
  • Advantage/Strategy
    Competitive Advantage
  • Health
    Safety Improvements
  • Security
    Information Security

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Our Information Management Solutions include a portfolio of services that allow your organization to use data to drive toward business answers, manage data in a manner that directly relates to objectives, and analyze and visualize information to enable the highest possible work process efficiencies.

  • Cloud Migration

    Data Governance

  • Review Assess Checklist

    Population Health Requirements

  • Assessment/Envisioning

    Enterprise Information Program Assessment

  • Analytics

    Population Health/Analytics Platform Readiness

Case Study

CTG developed an Master Data Management strategy to improve our client's data quality and governance, enabling cross-market collaboration on business analytics and fostering management of information as a strategic corporate asset. We also managed the vendor selection process for their new Enterprise Master Patient Index tool to ensure it would satisfy their requirements.

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  • Extract value from data by transforming it into actionable information specific to your business needs?

  • Utilize your data to enable efficient responses, increase team productivity, improve decision-making, positively impact profitability, and identify risks before they become issues?

  • Have clear insight into the business objectives served by the information you own, who is impacted by it, and how they use it?

  • Easily analyze and visualize your information in a way that supports business transformation?

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